Greeting Cards

greeting cards
for your business.

Custom recipent names, message, logo & more!

Pick a card.

Choose between a wide variety of cards for all occasions.

Personalize it.

Add custom recipient names, add some text, your logo and a signature.

Choose destination.

We can separate the order into several deliveries according to your preferences.

Custom recipient names.

Import your contact names into our online contact book and take advantage of the amazing customization we offer.

Personalize your cards.

Choose from a variety of pre-written messages, or write your own. Add your personal touch by adding a custom logo and signature.

Send to different workplaces.

With the ability to ship multiple parcels to different workplaces, we can meet the needs of your business whether it's a small office or a large enterprise.

All from recycled paper.

Our cards are made from high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and FSC approved materials.